2014 PhD Scholars


IBES has awarded four PhD top-up scholarships to students in 2014. The recipients were selected by the IBES Executive Committee from a pool of talented applicants. IBES would like to welcome the following four students to the IBES research community: Ibrahim Al-Mahdi from the Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre is researching: An evaluation of Online Medical Consultation: examining theory, practice, sustainability challenges and consumer perspective. Andrea La Nauze from the Department of Economics working on the project: … Continue reading

JetBrains joins IBES as an Industry Partner


IBES is pleased to welcome leading software provider JetBrains as an industry partner. JetBrains is a technology-leading software development firm specialising in the creation of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software. JetBrains maintains its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, with its R&D labs located in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia; Munich, Germany; and Boston, MA. The company is widely known for: IntelliJ IDEA — the most intelligent Java IDE ReSharper, an award-winning productivity tool for .NET developers WebStorm — the … Continue reading

Student interns join the IBES Lab

IBES welcomes three student interns who will be working in the IBES Lab during Semester One 2014. The students are working on IBES seed funded research projects in collaboration with researchers as part of a professional internship that delivers real skills to students in their final year of the Master of Information Technology. Gursharan Singh Create Your Story : Aboriginal young people in Victoria and Digital Storytelling Gursharan will make the most of his experience in … Continue reading

Kinect for assessment of Autism Seminar: 2 May

Morning Tea

Join us for our final research seminar for Semester One: Kinect Technology for remote assessment of interventions for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders presented by Zaher Joukhadar. Date: Friday 2 May 2014 Time: 10:00 – 11:00am Venue: Richard Newton Rooms, Level 5, Electrical Engineering Building, the University of Melbourne Abstract This project is creating an automated measurement tool, based on Microsoft Kinect technology, that will enable health professionals to measure the type and quality … Continue reading

SeeCare IPTV: Broadband technology for improved health literacy

SeeCare-IPTV copyThis report examines the outcomes of a health literacy proof-of-concept trial held at the University of Melbourne. The trial looked at the potential for improving health literacy standards in the community via the integration of two existing technologies: IPTV and SeeCare, a web-based consumer-led care and support tool.

Download: SeeCare IPTV: Broadband technology for improved health literacy (pdf: 4.2 mb)

Connect with Dr Chamil Jayasundara

Connect with Chamil Jayasundara, who joined IBES as a Software Engineer at the start of 2014. Chamil received his PhD in Electrical Engineering on Saturday 15 March 2014. What were you doing prior to researching with IBES? Prior to joining IBES, I was a PhD student and then a research assistant in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I researched on technologies to facilitate scalable and energy efficient deployment of IPTV and Video-on-Demand systems. … Continue reading

Open Food Network Research Seminar – 4 April

Morning Tea

Join us for our second research seminar for 2014: Open Food Network (OFN) System: Connecting and Supporting the Sustainability of Regional Food Supply Chain Communities presented by Sherah Kurnia and Kirsten Larsen. Date: Friday 4 April 2014 Time: 10:00 – 11:00am Venue: Richard Newton Rooms, Level 5, Electrical Engineering Building, the University of Melbourne Abstract The Open Food Network (OFN) is a prototype of a networked e-commerce system for activating online regional food marketplaces. OFN will enable … Continue reading

Seminar: Infrastructure and Regional Development


The Case of Broadband in the US by Kingsley E Haynes and Jitendra Parajuli, School of Public Policy, George Mason University This presentation reviews the recent impacts of state policies on the utilisation of broadband technology investment and examines its recent impact across the US economy at the state and local level. Like telephony, this once cutting edge technology has moved to the general purpose category. What are its expected consequences going forward? What do these impacts imply … Continue reading

Telling our Stories: Aboriginal young people in Victoria and Digital Storytelling

Telling our Stories Cover

This project worked with Aboriginal youth under the age of 25 – an age group that forms the majority of the Aboriginal population in Victoria and is among the highest users of mobile phones, actively engaging in social media and other online platforms. With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, Aboriginal youth throughout Australia are increasingly using digital technologies, especially mobile phones and the internet, to produce and tell their stories in ways determined by them.

Download: Telling our Stories: Aboriginal young people in Victoria and Digital Storytelling (pdf: 1.5 mb)

Continue reading

Connect with John Downs

Welcome to the first in our series of ‘Connect With…’ allowing you to meet the researchers and staff who comprise IBES. The team are delighted that John Downs, PhD Candidate in the Department of Computing and Information Systems has kindly agreed to being interviewed. What are you researching? My research is examining the role of audiences in videogames. Many types of videogames — particularly those like Wii and Kinect games — are often played socially. … Continue reading